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AutoExit 2010 For Windows Home Server Vail

September 28, 2010

I have been very busy with porting my existing addins AutoExit & AdminiMe to Vail.
AutoExit is the first one to go out the door, this has 99% the same functionality as AutoExit 2009 for Windows Home Server but it looks very different to match the new Vail look and feel.

This is the first version (Beta-1) and will probably still contain some problems.
Make sure you read the guideline.pdf that is included!

Known issues:
– Wake On Lan is broken
– …
The AutoExit client is a separate installer like in version 1, in the next build it will be integrated into the installer of the addin.

You can download it here:
Please report your bugs via this page:
Please fill out this survey:

Have fun!

AutoExit 2010 For Windows Home Server

AutoExit 2010 For Windows Home Server


Tip: Problem when installing an addin in Vail?

September 25, 2010

When you get an error about an addin not installing, it usually says that the addin couldn’t be installed.

As a user this is very annoying because you can’t know where to look, and when you contact the developer you can’t give more information!

But…there is a handy log available.
Vail stores all its logfiles on the WHS, under this folder:
c:\programdata\microsoft\windows server\logs

Open the file ‘installaddin.log’, it contains much more detailed information to give an idea of what is going wrong and you can use it to send to the developer that created the addin.
There are a lot of log files in this folder for various functionalities of Vail; so if you have a problem have a look inside and maybe the answer could be closer than your first thought! 😉