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Who am I?

August 31, 2009

Last week I opened up the mistery of the AutoExit icon, this week I reveal who ‘Nick Asseloos’ is.
I did an interview for the guys of HomeServerLand.

So if you want to know more, head over to:



The mysterious gridlines…

August 27, 2009

Some people seem to have problems with mysterious gridlines in their WHS Console. The first user who reported this was ila, on the WeGotServed forums.
It looks very weird, and it may be good to share your experience if you also have this problem.


It looks like some people already had this problem but thought it was related to their machine alone, but now it seems to be a little more widespread.

So if you also have this problem, have a look at these forums and share your experiences:

The suspect is the NVidia graphics card.

May be good to share this info on these forums:
– Graphics card / driver
– Resolution
– …


AutoExit, why a fist icon? ;-)

August 17, 2009

Some people have been asking me: Why a fist icon for AutoExit?
e.g listen to the great Home Server Show Podcast from Dave Mc Cabe & his team:

So to clear up this mistery…a small Asoft-history post.

I started AutoExit at the end of the nineties (1997/1998).
So that means I was 10+ years younger than now, I had more imagination, was more adventurous,… so I just threw
versions on the net, not much testing, etc…

I didn’t want a boring icon like a computer that shows a shutdown screen or anything, I wanted it to stand out so that you could easily recognize it and say: that’s AutoExit.
Another computerlike icon is just one on the whole bunch of existing ones.

So I thought: What icon can I have to represent a computer that is turned off… What does a computer do when it’s off?
The screen is off/black, so by chance or a shortcut in my thinking process I thought: It’s knocked out cold: black, no response,…
And the idea of a fist icon was born. 🙂

Ok, maybe a bit far stretched but ok, like I said, I was 10 years younger.
Now I already use more ‘boring’ icons.
And the slogan in the nineties was: ‘Give your pc the knock-out it deserves’… (non aggressive ;-))

So it may be a strange icon for a shutdown tool, but on the other side, people are talking about it, it’s recognized as the logo for AutoExit so I think my mission started 10+ years ago was a success. 😉

Too bad my artistic skills aren’t that great, as I would like to make that same icon more 3D/Vista/Windows 7 like but ok…it still does its job and hiring a designer isn’t within my power as small-time freeware developer.


AutoExit 2009 Beta-1 is here!

August 12, 2009

It’s been a while since you heard from AutoExit, but that doesn’t mean time stood still.
Behind the scenes a new version of AutoExit has been created, based on your feedback!

It is a minor release and has these new features/fixes:

  • Wake On Lan all clients.
  • Send a message to all connected clients.
  • Warn users when the server is going down.
  • Support for Windows 7.
  • Possibility to set the Wake On Lan port to send to.
  • Possibility to enable easy logging on the client side.
  • Mac-address of the server is retrieved when opening the diagnostic dialog and the Mac field being empty.
  • When downloading an update, it is automatically saved to the
    ‘Server\Software’ or ‘Server\Logiciel’ folder, if none of these exist the browse directory dialog is shown.
  • Fix: On some machines the actions did not work and an error 998 was displayed, this has been fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed issue that settings in Vista/Windows 7 weren’t read correctly
  • Fix: Now when a client comes out of sleep, a WOL packet is sent to the server if enabled.
  • Fix: Small improvement to the update dialog to show the product name.
  • Fix: When using hibernate/sleep, the machine sometimes couldn’t be enabled again.
  • Fix: Detects if Remote Desktop is enabled on a Home Edition.

AutoExit 2009 for Windows Home Server is still a Beta version at the moment.

You can find the latest version here:
Please fill in the survey here:

A special thanks to these people for helping out catching that nasty 998 error and testing the new functionalities:
Ashkon N
Bob C
Clint C
Daniel V
Khalid T
Lee B
Lee E
Mick O D
Mike A
Phil H
Steve I

Best Regards,

New site from Dave Mc Cabe

August 11, 2009

Dave Mc Cabe from has a new site up in the air:
It’s a website where you can easily promote your blog and posts.

How does it work:

Using the GeekGazette posting tool  it’s easy to add a snippet of your original post along with a photo. 
GeekGazette links to your post  and you will see traffic from other GeekGazette posters as well as casual readers. 
The links from GeekGazette to your blog will also help your search engine status and rank.  It’s very easy to use and you can post your story in a matter of minutes.

Have a try!