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WHS Power Pack 3 released!

November 25, 2009

For those that don’t know yet, Microsoft has released a new PowerPack for Windows Home Server, currently we are at release 3.

This PP has a lot of new features, Dave McCabe from the HomeServerShow did an interview with Jonas Svenson from Microsoft on the new features in PP3!
You hear it here.

if you want to know what’s new then have a look at these articles from our WHS Buddies:

For the people that joined the Beta program and have a pre-release version installed, you can find an article here on how to uninstall.



AutoExit on the Windows Home Server Team Blog

November 16, 2009

For those of you that don’t know , it is a combination of blogs from various Windows Teams within Microsoft.
It’s a great resource for first hand information from the teams themselves and highly recommended!

Last month they started with a post that discusses 3 WHS add-ins, and today AutoExit is one of the lucky ones to be discussed.
You can find the post here:

.NET Version Detector 2010 Beta-1 is here!

November 11, 2009

For those that don’t know .NET Version Detector yet, it is a tool that can be used to detect the versions of .NET that are installed on a machine.
It shows the detailed version and it also directly links to the download pages where you can download the latest runtime & SDK of that version of .NET.

It was created to easily detect the installed/missing versions and be able to download them without having to search all over the net.

Version 2010, main new feature is detecting .NET 4.0.
Version 2009 could detect .NET 4.0 Beta-1, but Microsoft made some changes and thus broke the detection method.
The UI has als changed a bit and is now updated to the new .NET logo’s.

You can find more details on the new .NET features here:

Download it here:

5 great add-ins according to

November 6, 2009

LifeHacker has published an  article on ‘Five Great Add-ins to Power Up Your Windows Home Server Console’.
AutoExit is featured in it, you can find the article here.