.NET Version Detector 2010 Beta-1 is here!

For those that don’t know .NET Version Detector yet, it is a tool that can be used to detect the versions of .NET that are installed on a machine.
It shows the detailed version and it also directly links to the download pages where you can download the latest runtime & SDK of that version of .NET.

It was created to easily detect the installed/missing versions and be able to download them without having to search all over the net.

Version 2010, main new feature is detecting .NET 4.0.
Version 2009 could detect .NET 4.0 Beta-1, but Microsoft made some changes and thus broke the detection method.
The UI has als changed a bit and is now updated to the new .NET logo’s.

You can find more details on the new .NET features here:

Download it here: http://www.asoft-ware.com/download.php?id=11

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5 Responses to “.NET Version Detector 2010 Beta-1 is here!”

  1. .NET Version Detector 2010 Beta-1 | Chriss´ Blog Says:

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  2. Peter Says:

    Thanks for this handy utility.
    Would it be possible to show the file numbers of the .NET versions?

    • asoftblog Says:

      You should see something like this (scroll upwards in the textbox, but there indeed isn’t a scrollbar, I’ll fix that later on :-)):

      .NET FW 2.0 SP 2
      .NET FW 3.0
      .NET FW 3.5 SP 1

      • Peter Says:

        Hi, Thanks.
        Yes it does show the version once I scroll down/up (up/dn keys only)
        It wasn’t immediately apparent, but it works 😉
        No file versions listed for NET v3.0 nor v3.5 tho.
        They are in the >NET Framework folder tho.Does that mean that they are not active?
        Do you think it would be more apparent if you were to reduce the text size in the main panel and list the file info under the respective .NET versions?

  3. Welche .NET Version steckt in welchem Windows? | Chriss´ Blog Says:

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