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Updated tutorial on WHS Power Pack 2 API’s

March 24, 2009

I updated the tutorial on the WHS PP2 API’s.

It now also contains IDiskInfo2 and the EULA functionality during the installation of the addin. (Thanks for the tip Sam)
Other API’s that are discussed:

Download the Power Pack 2 API tutorial here


New candy for the WHS developers in Power Pack 2

March 24, 2009

Now that Power Pack 2 of Windows Home Server has been released, there is a lot of discussion of its new features.

But we as developers don’t get too much info on the WHS SDK, so I did some digging into the new classes/properties/…

You can find a pdf document here that describes these new functions/properties/… complete with code samples.

You can find it here:

I will update the pdf later on to contain IDiskInfo2.


IDiskInfo2 contains a new property called ‘LocationDisplayName’, this property lets you get/set the name of the hard disk location.

This enables a more clear identification of the location of the drive.

Have fun exploring them!

Updated website

March 23, 2009

A major redesign of the website is busy but time has held it back for a long time now.
So as an intermediate step I cleaned up the website, as it was in pretty bad shape.
Hope you like this new one, have a look:


March 13, 2009

Here you will find occasional updates on the products I develop (AutoExit, .NET Version Detector, Addin Cleanup Tool,…)