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April 26, 2010

It’s here! After a long period of secrecy it can finally be discussed: Vail or more descriptive: WHS version 2 🙂
All major sites already have major articles released for you to enjoy with tonnes of information!
So here you go:


A new MVP for Windows Home Server: Sébastien Toussaint

April 2, 2010

Most of you probably don’t know him or don’t know him that well, but Sébastien Toussaint has a very well known WHS blog/site in his native language: French.

He’s the only French WHS site (that I know of) and has a great deal of articles too, but for us it isn’t that understandable of course. 😉
He also helped me translate/test my add-ins and is great to work with.

Congratulations Sébastien, you very well deserve the MVP Award!