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A small update on the progress of AdminiMe

February 10, 2010

First of all, I would like to thank all people for the great feedback I’ve got.
The release itself went flawlessly and I received great feedback and comments and luckily not too many issues… 😉
There are some annoying issues in the current version, but luckily none that render your server useless!

I am working on an update release to fix those issues, improve the help,… and I hope to release it within the month.
But you know software & schedules never match… :-s So don’t take my word for it!
I am doing my best to get it pollished and get the V1 growing pains out.
But the first two weeks I was overwelmed with mails, so not too much development took place, but it’s clearing up now… 😀

For so far the update…
Enjoy AdminiMe!

Advertisement celebrates 3 years!

February 4, 2010

Christoph Dommermuth and his team from are celebrating their third birthday!
To celebrate this there is a 15% discount on the LightsOut add-in!
Go over to their site and use the code HSBBIRTHDAY when you check-out.
The voucher is active from Friday 05 February to Sunday 07 February.