AutoExit, why a fist icon? ;-)

Some people have been asking me: Why a fist icon for AutoExit?
e.g listen to the great Home Server Show Podcast from Dave Mc Cabe & his team:

So to clear up this mistery…a small Asoft-history post.

I started AutoExit at the end of the nineties (1997/1998).
So that means I was 10+ years younger than now, I had more imagination, was more adventurous,… so I just threw
versions on the net, not much testing, etc…

I didn’t want a boring icon like a computer that shows a shutdown screen or anything, I wanted it to stand out so that you could easily recognize it and say: that’s AutoExit.
Another computerlike icon is just one on the whole bunch of existing ones.

So I thought: What icon can I have to represent a computer that is turned off… What does a computer do when it’s off?
The screen is off/black, so by chance or a shortcut in my thinking process I thought: It’s knocked out cold: black, no response,…
And the idea of a fist icon was born. 🙂

Ok, maybe a bit far stretched but ok, like I said, I was 10 years younger.
Now I already use more ‘boring’ icons.
And the slogan in the nineties was: ‘Give your pc the knock-out it deserves’… (non aggressive ;-))

So it may be a strange icon for a shutdown tool, but on the other side, people are talking about it, it’s recognized as the logo for AutoExit so I think my mission started 10+ years ago was a success. 😉

Too bad my artistic skills aren’t that great, as I would like to make that same icon more 3D/Vista/Windows 7 like but ok…it still does its job and hiring a designer isn’t within my power as small-time freeware developer.


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One Response to “AutoExit, why a fist icon? ;-)”

  1. homeservershow Says:

    The mystery is solved!

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