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UsingWindowsHomeServer Reader Awards 2009 – AutoExit #1!

January 3, 2010

The results have been published and AutoExit 2009 made it to #1 on UsingWindowsHomeServer in the category ‘Best Windows Home Server Software (Non Commercial)’
It made it to #2 on WeGotServed a few days ago.

AutoExit 2009 voted #1 on UsingWindowsHomeServer

AutoExit 2009 voted #1 on UsingWindowsHomeServer

Congratulations to snowdins with his second place with the P80 software!

Thanks to all people that voted!

AutoExit on the Windows Home Server Team Blog

November 16, 2009

For those of you that don’t know , it is a combination of blogs from various Windows Teams within Microsoft.
It’s a great resource for first hand information from the teams themselves and highly recommended!

Last month they started with a post that discusses 3 WHS add-ins, and today AutoExit is one of the lucky ones to be discussed.
You can find the post here:

5 great add-ins according to

November 6, 2009

LifeHacker has published an  article on ‘Five Great Add-ins to Power Up Your Windows Home Server Console’.
AutoExit is featured in it, you can find the article here.

AutoExit on TekZilla

October 19, 2009

Well, I do have to admit that I’m creating a bit of a copycat post here… 😉
Today I was reading through the blogs and found this post from Sam Wood.
So I went to watch the video, only to see that AutoExit was also featured on it! 🙂

AutoExit can be seen at 15:37 & 15:44 over here.
I’ve never heared of before but it looks like a very nice site. (Thanks for the tip Sam ;-))

AutoExit on
AutoExit on

AutoExit 2009 Release Candidate

October 14, 2009

2 months ago Beta-1 of AutoExit was released.
Thanks for all the great feedback you guys sent me!

In the meantime, time didn’t stand still and I worked on the last main feature that was planned for the 2009 version: making it multilingual.
The Release Candidate now fully supports: French, German & Japanese! 🙂

I have to give a special thanks to these people for helping with the translations, it couldn’t have been done without them:
Yoshihiro Okabe (WHS MVP): (Japanese)
Sébastien (French WHS Site): (French)
Christian Baumann: (German)

Let me know if you find spelling mistakes so that they can be fixed by the final version.

I still haven’t found any translator for Spanish, mail me if you are interested in helping out!

Download the new version here:

AutoExit 2009 (Muliple Languages)
AutoExit 2009 (Muliple Languages)

Have fun!

P80 add-in v1.3 from Kris Rodenhausen released and now works together with AutoExit!

September 27, 2009

Kris Rodenhausen, the author of the add-in P80 has released a new version!

What is P80? (The name comes from Port 80)
It’s a website that you can view via your homepage.
It gives a central overview of various kinds of information that you normally would need to query from all kinds of places (via WHS Console, via RDP,…).
It provides a lot of information into one compact website, this also has the advantage that it can be viewed using a web enabled mobile phone.
P80 is still very young, but it has a lot of potential and it’s already very good.

Kris contacted me, to ask if I wanted to cooperate by giving him an interface to AutoExit so that he could use functionality of AutoExit and implement it in his add-in.
So I thought: why not? I liked the add-in and it seemed like a nice extension.
We worked together on getting this going and you can now view the result in this new release.

That means you can now use your mobile phone to shut down/reboot/… your machines too! (Of course you need to have AutoExit 2008R2 or 2009 installed)

You can find an extensive review on the site from Andrew Edney:

Download it here

AutoExit on the Japanese version of Windows Home Server

September 1, 2009
With the release of the Japanese Home Server SDK and a 120 day evaluation for the Japanese Home Server Software, I thought why not have a go at installing this and testing if AutoExit works on this one.
Luckily I had a step by step gallery here to get me through those screens. 😉
After having installed the Japanese version with AutoExit, I had a test drive and up until now, now problems have been detected…
Some labels appear a bit strange or some minor truncations but nothing major and shutting down the clients works as expected.
AutoExit Japanese AutoExit Japanese

More details on the Japanese version can be found here:

AutoExit 2009 Beta-1 is here!

August 12, 2009

It’s been a while since you heard from AutoExit, but that doesn’t mean time stood still.
Behind the scenes a new version of AutoExit has been created, based on your feedback!

It is a minor release and has these new features/fixes:

  • Wake On Lan all clients.
  • Send a message to all connected clients.
  • Warn users when the server is going down.
  • Support for Windows 7.
  • Possibility to set the Wake On Lan port to send to.
  • Possibility to enable easy logging on the client side.
  • Mac-address of the server is retrieved when opening the diagnostic dialog and the Mac field being empty.
  • When downloading an update, it is automatically saved to the
    ‘Server\Software’ or ‘Server\Logiciel’ folder, if none of these exist the browse directory dialog is shown.
  • Fix: On some machines the actions did not work and an error 998 was displayed, this has been fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed issue that settings in Vista/Windows 7 weren’t read correctly
  • Fix: Now when a client comes out of sleep, a WOL packet is sent to the server if enabled.
  • Fix: Small improvement to the update dialog to show the product name.
  • Fix: When using hibernate/sleep, the machine sometimes couldn’t be enabled again.
  • Fix: Detects if Remote Desktop is enabled on a Home Edition.

AutoExit 2009 for Windows Home Server is still a Beta version at the moment.

You can find the latest version here:
Please fill in the survey here:

A special thanks to these people for helping out catching that nasty 998 error and testing the new functionalities:
Ashkon N
Bob C
Clint C
Daniel V
Khalid T
Lee B
Lee E
Mick O D
Mike A
Phil H
Steve I

Best Regards,

Beta Program new add-in is now closed

June 26, 2009

Thanks to all who subscribed, it was a tough selection.
But the selection has finished and the people should have gotten their invitations or should get them soon.

People that didn’t make it in, are still in a backup list that will be used if the private beta is extended.

Best Regards,

Help test a new WHS add-in from ASoft

June 24, 2009

ASoft is looking for people that want to help test a brand new add-in.

To apply for this private beta program, answer these questions:
1. How long have you had a WHS for?
2. Describe your technical skills. (In short)
3. Describe your WHS hardware (cpu(s),disks, memory, type, vendor,…)
4. Why would you want to test this new add-in?
5. Have you developed for WHS already?

Only 20 testers will be allowed.
The people that have been selected will be notified personally.
Also very important, we still need translators for Spanish & French.