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Some great articles on Vail…

August 18, 2010

You can find lots of information on Windows Home Server Vail & Aurora at these sites:

A new build of Vail!

August 16, 2010

A new version of Vail has been released, you can find more information on this build here:

Interview about Vail SDK with SDK Program Manager Fabian Uhse

June 20, 2010

On Channel 9 there is an interview with the Program Manager of the Vail SDK: Fabian Uhse.
Have a listen here:

What’s new in the Dashboard SDK?

May 8, 2010

Microsoft has put together a great document that explains how the new dashboard is structured, what the different UI elements are, and a whole lot more…

A must read for every add-in developer!
Check it out:

Developing an add-in for Vail

May 5, 2010

Vail (Windows Home Server version 2) can be extended with add-ins, just like with version 1. (see for lots of add-ins)
Or have a look at my add-ins AutoExit & AdminiMe.

Microsoft has made available the SDK to start developing the add-ins for Vail.
The downside is…that version-1 add-ins are NOT compatible with version 2! There is a whole new API to learn and your add-in needs to be converted.

I prepared a document to guide you along the way of creating your first ever Vail add-in.

But be warned:
– It is still very basic, just plain and simple.
– It is not fit for any production system.
– It’s only inteded for developers that want to have a try at starting to create an add-in. Nothing fancy yet.
– The installation mechanism isn’t described yet. Only how to configure your system to start coding, code a sample and test it on your server.
But it should get you on your way to start getting your hands dirty in the new Vail SDK. Have fun! 😉

You can find it here.
The Vail SDK can be found here.

If you have comments, remarks, ideas, tips, additions,… don’t hesitate to contact me at contact (at)
More articles will follow later,