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.NET Version Detector 2010 Beta-1 is here!

November 11, 2009

For those that don’t know .NET Version Detector yet, it is a tool that can be used to detect the versions of .NET that are installed on a machine.
It shows the detailed version and it also directly links to the download pages where you can download the latest runtime & SDK of that version of .NET.

It was created to easily detect the installed/missing versions and be able to download them without having to search all over the net.

Version 2010, main new feature is detecting .NET 4.0.
Version 2009 could detect .NET 4.0 Beta-1, but Microsoft made some changes and thus broke the detection method.
The UI has als changed a bit and is now updated to the new .NET logo’s.

You can find more details on the new .NET features here:

Download it here:

Undocumented WHS Classes: NetworkUtils

October 8, 2009

Another small class, in the series of undocumented API’s in Windows Home Server.

This new article describes the undocumented functions in the NetworkUtils class which is located in WHSCommon.dll.
This class contains 2 handy functions to get IP/Mac address of the server & the IP of the router.

void GetRouterIPAndServerMAC(out string ip, out string mac)
Get the IP address of the router and mac address of the server.

Sample code
string ip, mac;
NetworkUtils.GetRouterIPAndServerMAC(out ip, out mac);

Sample output

string GetServerIP()
Get the IP address of the server.
Sample code
string serverIp = NetworkUtils.GetServerIP();

Sample output

So as you see, two very easy to use functions, that a very handy!
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Have fun!

Undocumented WHS classes: QShutdown / ShutdownDialog

September 7, 2009

A new article in the series of undocumented API’s in Windows Home Server is here.

This new article describes the undocumented functions in the QShutdown & ShutdownDialog class which is located in HomeServerControls.dll.

This class is a very tiny and simple one that can be used to shut down / reboot / log off the server.
It is also responsible for showing the shutdown dialog when shutting down the server via the settings dialog in the Windows Home Server console itself.

You can find it here.

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Have fun!

AutoExit on the Japanese version of Windows Home Server

September 1, 2009
With the release of the Japanese Home Server SDK and a 120 day evaluation for the Japanese Home Server Software, I thought why not have a go at installing this and testing if AutoExit works on this one.
Luckily I had a step by step gallery here to get me through those screens. 😉
After having installed the Japanese version with AutoExit, I had a test drive and up until now, now problems have been detected…
Some labels appear a bit strange or some minor truncations but nothing major and shutting down the clients works as expected.
AutoExit Japanese AutoExit Japanese

More details on the Japanese version can be found here:

Undocumented WHS classes: QSMMgr

June 9, 2009

A couple of months ago I released an article about the new APIs in Windows Home Server PowerPack 2.
You can find it here

This new article describes the undocumented functions in the QSMMgr class which is located in HomeServerControls.dll.
This class is handy for retrieving all kinds of info about storage (Storage Manager).
You can find it here

The following functions are explained:
long GetAppFoldersSize()
long GetBackupSize()
Disk[] GetDisks()
string GetGlobalStatus()
long GetOperatingSystemSize()
void GetSharedFoldersSize(out long size, out long dupSize)
long GetStorageFreeSpace()
long GetStorageSize()
long GetStorageUsedSpace()
ShareConnection[] GetShareConnections()

Thanks to Sam Wood for the review. 😉

Updated tutorial on WHS Power Pack 2 API’s

March 24, 2009

I updated the tutorial on the WHS PP2 API’s.

It now also contains IDiskInfo2 and the EULA functionality during the installation of the addin. (Thanks for the tip Sam)
Other API’s that are discussed:

Download the Power Pack 2 API tutorial here

New candy for the WHS developers in Power Pack 2

March 24, 2009

Now that Power Pack 2 of Windows Home Server has been released, there is a lot of discussion of its new features.

But we as developers don’t get too much info on the WHS SDK, so I did some digging into the new classes/properties/…

You can find a pdf document here that describes these new functions/properties/… complete with code samples.

You can find it here:

I will update the pdf later on to contain IDiskInfo2.


IDiskInfo2 contains a new property called ‘LocationDisplayName’, this property lets you get/set the name of the hard disk location.

This enables a more clear identification of the location of the drive.

Have fun exploring them!