Developing an add-in for Vail

Vail (Windows Home Server version 2) can be extended with add-ins, just like with version 1. (see for lots of add-ins)
Or have a look at my add-ins AutoExit & AdminiMe.

Microsoft has made available the SDK to start developing the add-ins for Vail.
The downside is…that version-1 add-ins are NOT compatible with version 2! There is a whole new API to learn and your add-in needs to be converted.

I prepared a document to guide you along the way of creating your first ever Vail add-in.

But be warned:
– It is still very basic, just plain and simple.
– It is not fit for any production system.
– It’s only inteded for developers that want to have a try at starting to create an add-in. Nothing fancy yet.
– The installation mechanism isn’t described yet. Only how to configure your system to start coding, code a sample and test it on your server.
But it should get you on your way to start getting your hands dirty in the new Vail SDK. Have fun! 😉

You can find it here.
The Vail SDK can be found here.

If you have comments, remarks, ideas, tips, additions,… don’t hesitate to contact me at contact (at)
More articles will follow later,

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11 Responses to “Developing an add-in for Vail”

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  3. nigel Says:

    when copying files to the server its “windows server\bin\addins\ “then primary do i need to create a folder called “primary”.
    Thanks for your guide looking forward to more


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  8. Pseudocode Says:

    Has anyone complete the VAIL SDK Provider Chat Example?

    The project compiles fine, but nothing happens.
    No Exception and no chat functionality..

  9. Richard Says:

    Im trying to get a basic app just to compile and install correctly but this document kinda falls apart at the release process as its not explained enough. I went ok up to that point. Maybe things have changed in the RTM copy, dunno. Kinda frustrating.

    • asoftblog Says:

      If you have problems Richard, please send me over your remarks/errors/… so that I can look into them.

  10. Says:

    This amazing posting, “Developing an add-in for
    Vail Asoft’s Blog (” indicates that u comprehend just what u are writing about! I personally definitely agree. Thanks ,Denisha

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