AdminiMe 2010 is finally here! (after two+ years)

Maybe to explain the title a bit, when I started with AutoExit in 2007 I constantly had the feeling that I was missing more info in the WHS Console.
I like meters, data, statistics,…and as the WHS is basically headless and has nothing more than the WHS Console I needed more info like in the event viewer/task manager/performance monitor/…

So while developing AutoExit, I started with my second add-in ‘Server Stats’ which showed the CPU/disks/memory (very basic info).
Now this was all nice, but I needed more because the server is sitting there in some closet, corner, basement,…basically nobody sees or touches it once it has started, but what if…some process is using all the CPU resources and your machine is sitting for hours pegged at 100%, what if some app is leaking memory and is slowly choking you server, what if some fatal error occurs and gets logged to your event viewer, what if…

That are already a lot of ‘what if’s’ that can occur once you get thinking about it, so I started with a monitoring service to include with it and before I knew it I had an add-in that kept out an eye for my server. 🙂
But AutoExit 2008 was released and people liked it, gave feedback and before I knew it, I was developing AutoExit 2008 R2.
So ServerStats development was halted for nearly a year. :/
Then I took the descision to halt development of the major new version of AutoExit and create a minor version called AutoExit 2009 so that I can finally get out this one as well, so I started again and after a few months I recruited some testers.
And from then on we got off to a flying start, I got lots of feedback from the various testers.
And I would especially like to thank (in alphabetical order) some people who have put a lot of work in providing feedback:

Alex Kuretz from MediaSmartServer.Net
Alexander Kent from HomeServerLand
Dave McCabe from the HomeServerShow
Christian Baumann
Christopher Mclean
Jim Clark from WeGotServed
Ken Warren
Kris Rodenhausen from P80 add-in
Masahiko Sada
Masashi Shimizu
Matt Glover
Nic Mertens
Pål Andreassen
Sébastien from
Terry Walsh from WeGotServed
Yoshi Okabe from the famous Japanese Blog

I hope I didn’t forget anyone here, because a lot of people helped me and the ones mentioned were people that helped me throughout the whole testing phase and some of them were even brave enough to test the first Alpha versions. 😉
If you think your name should be on here too because I forgot you, let me know and I’ll have a look to add you too!

Now before people start asking me about the name…
The problem with these kinds of ‘applications’ is that all good ones have already been taken, try to find a name that describes functionality with monitor, administration,…
So I wrote a them down and by chance I came to this: ADMINIster ME, I loved the name and was very happy to finally get a unique name after trying a lot of combinations! 🙂

Now to the core of the post, what does it do, who is it for,…
As the Home Server is a headless machine that is running non stop for long periods of times, and mostly hidden away in some closet/basement/small room; people don’t look at its ‘health’ to often.
To avoid this, you can use AdminiMe, it will monitor your server in the background without you having to do anything.
And in case something goes wrong, it will notify you via mail.

Added to this monitoring, it contains a console where you can watch all kinds of parameters in real-time.
Things like CPU, memory, network, disks and all kinds of statistics like uptime, longest uptime, # of starts,…

But it doesn’t stop there, it also has shortcuts to the most relevant tools: Event Viewer, Task Manager, Performance Monitor, Remote Desktop.
You also have the option to add your own shortcuts to applications!
And next to that, there is a ‘Run-box’ which has the same functionality as the Windows Run Dialog. (use it with caution!)
There is also a screen where you can view, which users have open files to the server shares.
All events are kept in a log that can be consulted later on.

So as you can read, a lot of functionality packed into 1 add-in!

I decided to make this one paying, to support the work I’ve put into AutoExit & AdminiMe (they don’t just grow by themselves ;-))
But I made it a very reasonable price for everyone! Have a look here or here.
The unregistered version basically contains 99.99% of all functionalities, except: there is a nag-screen in the console when the add-in is loaded & the mails that get sent in case of problems don’t contain any details. If you want the details, you need to go to the WHS Console itself.
So all in all I made it very cheap and hope people support my work for these two add-ins!

Have fun!

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9 Responses to “AdminiMe 2010 is finally here! (after two+ years)”

  1. Tweets that mention AdminiMe 2010 is finally here! (after two+ years) « Asoft's Blog ( -- Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by asoft, Mon Home Server. Mon Home Server said: RT @asoftware: New addin: AdminiMe 2010 released! […]

  2. fasthair Says:

    HI Nick,

    Very nice work and worth every penny you are asking. Question. Is the license per machine or per person? Great add-in either way and will pay twice if I need to.


  3. asoftblog Says:

    Thanks fasthair!

    The current licensing system for AdminiMe 2010 is per server.
    And most people only have 1 so… 😉

  4. fasthair Says:

    Yah but I’m not like most people. WHS is so cool and gives me such peace of mind with it’s powerful backup system that I employ it in my shop also to keep all of my records safe and sound. AdminiMe is going to replace a lot of add-ins which will stream line my two WHS and the Console a great deal.

    Again nice work!

  5. John Paton Says:

    Great add-in Nick. Is there a full user guide that details exactly what everything does.


  6. asoftblog Says:

    Hi John, atm all documentation is in the help file (it’s pretty basic still)
    If you have remarks regarding the documentation or what you would like to see explained more, send me a mail at: support (at)


  7. Ed Says:

    Hi. I just paid for AdminiMe 2010 with PayPal, and now I can’t find where to download the paid version.

    I hate to bring this up out in the open like this, but I didn’t see an e-mail link on your site so that I could let you know privately.

    How do I get my addin?

    • Ed Says:

      Oops! I should have waited a little longer before posting. I have now received an e-mail with the registration file and instructions.

      Everything is working fine now.


  8. asoftblog Says:

    Hi Ed,

    Well it can take a while longer for some users (like in the US, Japan,…) because of the timezone differences.
    But normally you should receive it within the day…


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