AutoExit 2009 Release Candidate

2 months ago Beta-1 of AutoExit was released.
Thanks for all the great feedback you guys sent me!

In the meantime, time didn’t stand still and I worked on the last main feature that was planned for the 2009 version: making it multilingual.
The Release Candidate now fully supports: French, German & Japanese! 🙂

I have to give a special thanks to these people for helping with the translations, it couldn’t have been done without them:
Yoshihiro Okabe (WHS MVP): (Japanese)
Sébastien (French WHS Site): (French)
Christian Baumann: (German)

Let me know if you find spelling mistakes so that they can be fixed by the final version.

I still haven’t found any translator for Spanish, mail me if you are interested in helping out!

Download the new version here:

AutoExit 2009 (Muliple Languages)
AutoExit 2009 (Muliple Languages)

Have fun!

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2 Responses to “AutoExit 2009 Release Candidate”

  1. Chriss´ Blog Says:

    Lost in……

    Für einen Arbeitkollegen erstelle ich zur Zeit die deutsche Übersetzung seines Tools AutoExit. AutoExit ist ein Plugin für den Windows Home Server mit dem man unter anderem das Herunterfahren der Clients im Heimnetzwerk steuern k……

  2. AutoExit 2009 Release Candidate released! | Says:

    […] Categories : All, Software […]

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