P80 add-in v1.3 from Kris Rodenhausen released and now works together with AutoExit!

Kris Rodenhausen, the author of the add-in P80 has released a new version!

What is P80? (The name comes from Port 80)
It’s a website that you can view via your homepage.
It gives a central overview of various kinds of information that you normally would need to query from all kinds of places (via WHS Console, via RDP,…).
It provides a lot of information into one compact website, this also has the advantage that it can be viewed using a web enabled mobile phone.
P80 is still very young, but it has a lot of potential and it’s already very good.

Kris contacted me, to ask if I wanted to cooperate by giving him an interface to AutoExit so that he could use functionality of AutoExit and implement it in his add-in.
So I thought: why not? I liked the add-in and it seemed like a nice extension.
We worked together on getting this going and you can now view the result in this new release.

That means you can now use your mobile phone to shut down/reboot/… your machines too! (Of course you need to have AutoExit 2008R2 or 2009 installed)

You can find an extensive review on the site from Andrew Edney: http://usingwindowshomeserver.com/2009/09/27/review-of-the-p80-add-in-for-windows-home-server

Download it here

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