AutoExit on the Japanese version of Windows Home Server

With the release of the Japanese Home Server SDK and a 120 day evaluation for the Japanese Home Server Software, I thought why not have a go at installing this and testing if AutoExit works on this one.
Luckily I had a step by step gallery here to get me through those screens. 😉
After having installed the Japanese version with AutoExit, I had a test drive and up until now, now problems have been detected…
Some labels appear a bit strange or some minor truncations but nothing major and shutting down the clients works as expected.
AutoExit Japanese AutoExit Japanese

More details on the Japanese version can be found here:

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2 Responses to “AutoExit on the Japanese version of Windows Home Server”

  1. Yoshihiro Okabe Says:


    AutoExit Add-IN is Japan, but is very popular so as to enter TOP10.
    I believe that I become a more splendid product if a problem peculiar to a Japanese edition can be settled.
    I think that I do my best continuously and can offer a new version.



  2. Lost in… | Chriss´ Blog Says:

    […] Version, neben der deutschen Übersetzung sind zur Zeit auch eine französische, spanische und japanische Version in Arbeit. Weitere Infos gibts im Blog des Entwicklers Nick Asseloos: […]

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